Shootings on video

Napa County Sheriff's office releases body cam footage of a fatal deputy-involved shooting. Napa County Sheriff's Deputy Riley Jarecki was on patrol when she came across year-old Javier Hernandez Morales sitting in the parked car she deemed suspiciously parked. Napa County Sheriff's Office. Jarecki radios for help, retreats to the car's passenger side and returns fire, unloading her weapon and killing Morales in a hail of bullets.

Officials said in addition to the handgun he fired at the officer, Morales had a loaded. Jarecki was sworn in as a Napa County Deputy just six months ago, and her father is a sergeant with the department. Her grandfather also served with the Napa Police Department. Morales has a criminal history that includes arrests for DUI, assault on an officer and weapons violations, according to police.

Police release video of fatal officer-involved shooting in California Napa County Sheriff's office releases body cam footage of a fatal deputy-involved shooting. Florida police shoot at armed man who was live-streaming on Instagram Warning Graphic Video: The Orange County Sheriff's Office said a domestic violence suspect was the first to open fire. Travis Fedschun is a reporter for FoxNews. Follow him on Twitter travfed.Toggle navigation. Police body camera video shows that a www.

Dillon Taylor died in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven on Aug. Police said Cruz approached Taylor and two of his friends because they matched the description he was given. Although no weapon was found on Taylor, Cruz was cleared of wrongdoing in the case Tuesday. Prosecutor Slim Gill said that the shooting was justified because www. Video of the incident shows Taylor walking away with his hands in his waistband under his shirt.

When Taylor turns around and removes his hands from this waistband, Cruz shoots him twice, striking him in the chest and abdomen. A deposition obtained by KSL Tuesday noted that www. Taylor did assisted in de-escalating the situation," Gill told the Salt Lake Tribune. Days before his death, Taylor posted Facebook statuses that indicated he was emotionally distressed, the station reported.

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Here Are 13 Killings by Police Captured on Video in the Past Year

Workmate gets thrown through truck windshield. Smoking weed during social distancing! Many of dead bodies left on the ground due to coronavirus. Meth, cops,stunts and crazy. Croc vs Dog. What sorcery is this? Advertisers Advertise on Liveleak Liveleak Merchandise.All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. While shootouts used to be only accessible in movie theaters, surveillance and cell phone cameras allow us to see the real thing: dangerous shootings without the Hollywood gloss.

Here are just five infamous shootings that have been caught on camera. Las Vegas, A deranged year-old man, Johnny Wicks opened fire at the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse, killing a year-old guard and injuring another. Toledo, After a fistfight at the Route 66 Bar in Toledo, Ohio, two groups of men engaged in a shootout that was caught by surveillance cameras. Orlando, A security guard shot a man who was attempting to rob an Internet cafe in Orlando, Florida.

Gary Bryant, was killed by a security guard in the shoot-out, and his accomplice, Shawn Richardson, was later charged with felony murder. Miami Beach, Raymond Herisse was killed by police and four bystanders were injured after a chase and shoot out. Police claim that Herrisse fired at them but no evidence of that was found.

Video shows gunman open fire inside Texas church

Police also tried to destroy cell phone footage of the shooting. Los Angeles, After two heavily armored men robbed a bank in North Hollywood, they had a shootout with over police officers. Written By cganemccalla Posted August 19, Wicks was allegedly mad at a reduction in his social security payments. NewsOne Radio Our staff has picked their favorite stations, take a listen More From NewsOne.The following day, a man with a gun in Dayton, Ohio, killed nine people — including his sister — in another mass shooting.

Between the two shootings, 31 lives were taken and dozens of people were injured. These are just the latest instances of mass shootings in the United States, which happen at an alarmingly frequent rate. On Monday, when President Trump addressed the nation, he once again claimed that "gruesome and grisly video games," among other forms of entertainment available all over the world, are to blame for the mass shootings that are endemic in American culture.

That claim continues to lack evidence backing it up, and is little more than a distraction — here's why:. Back in Apriltwo young men with guns went to their high school in Colorado and killed 13 people. It was a horrific tragedy, and one that was still new in American culture at the time.

In the weeks following, what came to be known as the "Columbine High School Massacre" was dissected by the media and politicians. The two gunmen quickly became the focus of that dissection.

What could have driven these two young men to perpetrate such a horrific act? Was it society? Their upbringing? Their surprisingly easy access to weapons capable of mass murder? No — it was decided that their interest in the musician Marilyn Manson, their proclivity for black clothing, and their penchant for playing violent video games were to blame. Since the Columbine High School massacre inand even before that, researchers have been studying the effects of playing violent video games.

What they've found is simply put: Playing violent video games doesn't lead to real-life violent acts. Inthe American Psychological Association outright warned against journalists and lawmakers connecting real-life violence with video-game violence:.

There's little scientific evidence to support the connection, and it may distract us from addressing those issues that we know contribute to real-world violence. When the APA looked at various studies of violent video games and whether playing them had any relation to aggressive acts, it found "scant evidence Speaking to the New York Times this week, Ferguson, now a psychology professor at Stetson University, summed up the data succinctly: "The data on bananas causing suicide is about as conclusive.

shootings on video

The numbers work out about the same. Every year, when a big new "Call of Duty" game comes out, it comes out all over the world. Yet, despite the increasing popularity of video games on a global scale, only the United States has seen a vast increase in mass shootings. Look no further than the helpful chart above from Vox for an illustration, in bar chart form, of why the argument that violent video games cause real-life violence is false. Talking about gun regulation is poison for American politicians, and doubly so if you're a Republican politician.

No matter what happens — whether 31 people are killed in two mass shootings over a summer weekend, or 17 people are killed by a student with a semi-automatic rifle in a Florida high school, or 26 people are killed in a Connecticut elementary school 20 of which were children between the ages of 6 and 7 — almost nothing changes. Despite dozens of mass shootings since Trump became president in Januarynext to no new gun regulations have been imposed the Trump administration did ban bump stocks in late — a gun attachment that turns semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons — and the ban went into effect federally in early Instead, politicians stick to talking points that are agreeable for everyone: Thoughts and prayers are offered, discussion of mental health and violent video games resurfaces, and, eventually, conversation turns back to other issues.

But make no mistake: It's a distraction, and one that politicians are quite aware they are using. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.CNN Police in Fullerton, California, have released video of an officer fatally shooting a year-old driver after a traffic incident earlier this month, and say she was holding the replica of a handgun in a "shooting stance" toward the officer. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

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10 People Shot To Death On Video

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shootings on video

Cuomo to Trump: How many times do you want me to say 'thank you'? Watch Dr.

Warning, graphic video: Fatal shooting on city bus

Fauci correct Fox News host on live TV. President Trump reveals guidelines for reopening economy.

shootings on video

Cuomo: Federal government can't wipe their hands of this.Inthe Small Arms Survey determined that there are currently more guns in the United States per capita than any other nation in the world, with approximately 90 guns per residents.

It is truly horrifying to watch someone being killed with a gun. Since the creation of video, thousands of people have been murdered on camera. In some cases, the footage has been featured on television documentaries and news broadcasts. The videos are always shocking and give people a true sense of how dangerous guns are.

The event occurred after Lunsford pulled over three men that were attempting to smuggle 31 lbs of marijuana from Texas to Chicago. After the car was pulled over, the officer asked the driver, Reynaldo Villarreal, to show him his license. Villarreal failed, so Lunsford instructed him to get out of the car and open the trunk.

Police release video of officer fatally shooting California teen 'in shooting stance'

Villarreal opened the trunk and Lunsford noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car. He is repeatedly seen turning his back to the suspects. After a brief conversation, Baldemar Villarreal can be seen attacking Officer Lunsford by grabbing his legs.

At the same time, Reynaldo and a third man in the car, Jesus Zambrano, joined in the attack. Lunsford was overwhelmed by the men and repeatedly stabbed. Welch immediately watched the dashboard cam video, which helped police identify the three suspects and arrest them.

In the aftermath of the crimes, Baldemar Villarreal was given a life sentence, while the other two men received 30 and 40 years. The video of the killing has since been used to train officers who might face a similar situation. The incident was captured on video by the Spanish-language Network Telemundo and previewed by millions of people around the world. The interview was conducted at the cemetery where the girl was buried.

In response, Ingrid Cruz approached her vehicle and attempted to interview Martin about the case. He then walked up to Martin and shot her to death in front of the camera. Maritza Matin was shot a total of 10 times 12 bullets fired. After the initial shots were fired, the news team fled the scene and dropped the camera.

He killed her. The death of Maritza Martin has been featured on a large number of television broadcasts, including the films Bowling for Columbine and Executions. It is a violent clip that shows Martin being shot multiple times. Inhe was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Maritza Martin is buried next to her daughter in the same North Lauderdale cemetery she was murdered in.

Ina year-old man named Jeff Doucet was working as a karate teacher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when he was suspected of molesting an year-old student named Jody Plauche. In FebruaryDoucet kidnapped the young boy and took him to California.

A massive search was carried out and Jody was eventually located at a hotel on March 1, A rape kit proved that the boy was sexually assaulted. The news reached the year-old father of Jody, Gary Plauche, who had previously stated that he would kill anyone who harmed his son. Gary Plauche was aware of his arrival and was given the exact location by a TV news station. At the airport, Plauche pretended to use a pay phone and waited for Doucet to walk by.

He then pulled out a.Steve Stephens. Cleveland Police have confirmed that a video posted to Facebook showing an elderly man being shot is legitimate. Read more about Stephens here. Stephens was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Tuesday after a brief pursuit with police in Erie County, Pennsylvania, authorities say. You can watch other videos in which he talks about his reasons for the killing here.

He walks up to the man and begins talking to him, asking how old he is before pulling out a gun. The video shows the man on the ground, bleeding as Stephens walks back to his car and drives off. The shooting happened at East 93rd Street, police said. The victim has been identified as Robert Godwin Sr. The crowdfund website says it has confirmed the funds will be given to the family. Read More From Heavy. Steve Stephens37, fatally shot himself in Erie, Pennsylvania, state police said on Twitter.

His death comes nearly two days after the Cleveland shooting that shocked the nation. The search has extended to neighboring states, with police broadcasts about Stephens being put out to officers in Pennsylvania and New York. We however have many, many homicides, not only in Cleveland, but throughout this nation. Family members spoke about the victim, identified by police as year-old Robert Godwin Sr.

I just spoke with a man and woman who said the man killed in the FB live video was their 78 year old father cleveland19news pic.

shootings on video

In another Facebook post, Stephens said he has killed 15 people. He had been posting on Facebook for at least four hours before his page was taken down. In later posts, he claimed to have killed three more people.

He wrote that many of the bodies were in an abandoned house. Cleveland Police said in a press release that only one homicide has been confirmed. They searched locations mentioned by Stephens in his videos, but found no other victims. On Facebook, Stephens blamed the shootings on a woman, who appears to have been his girlfriend, Joy Lane.

By Tom Cleary. Updated Apr 18, at pm. Published Apr 16, at pm. An elderly man was shot and killed by a gunman, identified by Cleveland Police as Steve Stephens, in a video posted on Facebook.

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