New implications in the use of imposex as a suitable tool for

Skip to content. Skip to navigation. Ecological and eco-toxicological interdisciplinary studies for technological applications. In particular:. Environmental monitoring by means of marine organisms bioassays standardization and biomarker use. Laboratory and field antifouling efficacy tests on experimental biocides and eco-friendly antifouling paints.

Development of new antifouling technologies with low environmental impact natural antifouling products and biocide free. Development of integrated systems for the management and optimization of cooling and ballast water treatment systems.

Interpretation and application of environmental protection national and international regulations in marine and naval field. Author of 32 papers on international and national journals; I presented 57 contributes in national and international congresses. Garaventa F.

Устранение проблем с гнездом для наушников/микрофона на компьютерах Dell

Swimming Speed Alteration of Artemia sp. Ecotoxicology, DOI Piazza V. Marine Biotechnology, In Press. Cell Biology and Toxicology, Faimali M. Evolution of oxygen reduction current and biofilm on stainless steels cathodically polarised in natural aerated seawater. Electrochimica Acta, — Marine Pollution Bulletin — Is TBT to blame?

Greco G. Chemistry and Ecology, 22 1 : Marine Biology, Hydrobiologia, Biofouling, 21 1 : Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 1 : 37— Imposex, i. In this study, we experimentally tested the potential to induce imposex by another endocrine disruptor polychlorinated biphenyls [PCBs] mixture—Aroclor Adults of Hexaplex trunculus with low imposex level, coming from an Italian Marine Protected Area, were injected separately with different doses of tributyltin chloride TBTCl and Aroclor The compounds were dissolved in ethanol and the organisms were narcotised by immersion in MgCl 2 solution before injection.

Before and after the experiment, butyltin compounds BuTs and PCB tissue concentrations were determined. A significant increase in imposex with respect to non-treated organisms was observed in all treatments, including artefact controls.

No clear correlation was observed between BuTs and PCB tissue concentrations and indices of imposex incidence. Based on these results, no assumption can be formulated about PCB effect on imposex development. Nevertheless, they suggest that the imposex level increase, at least in H. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

Rent this article via DeepDyve. Imposex in Hexaplex trunculus Gastropoda: Muricidae : first results from biomonitoring of tributyltin contamination in the Mediterranean. Mar Biol ;— The decline of the gastropod Nucella lapillus around the south west of England: evidence for the effect of tributyltin from antifouling paints. A comparison of the effectiveness of tri-n butyltin chloride and five other organotin compounds in promoting the development of imposex in the dogwhelk, Nucella lapillus.

Influence of storage conditions on the determination of organotin in mussels. Anal Chim Acta ;— Depledge MH, Billinghurst Z. Ecological significance of endocrine disruption in marine invertebrates. Mar Pollut Bull ;39 1—12 —8. A molecular biomarker system for assessing the health of gastropods Ilyanassa obsoleta exposed to natural and anthropogenic stressors.

J Exp Mar Biol Ecol ;— Widespread neogastropod imposex: a biological indicator of global TBT contamination?The field of medical geographic information systems Medical GIS has become extremely useful in understanding the bigger picture of public health.

new implications in the use of imposex as a suitable tool for

The discipline holds a substantial capacity to understand not only differences, but also similarities in population health all over the world. The main goal of marrying the disciplines of medical geography, public health and informatics is to understand how countless health issues impact populations, and the trends by which these populations are affected.

From the s to today, this practical approach has become a valued and progressive system in analyzing medical and epidemiological phenomena ranging from cholera to cancer.

The positive effects on disease mapping have proven to be tremendous as these instruments continue to have a great impact on the mission to improve worldwide health care. While traditional uses of GIS in public health are static and lacking real-time components, implementing a space-time animation in these instruments will be monumental as technology and data continue to grow. The discipline of medical geographic information systems GIS provides a strong framework for our increasing ability to monitor these diseases and identify their causes.

The field of medical geography has a much longer history than most are aware of, dating back to the first known doctor, Hippocrates, and progressing through the s until today. The early history leads us to the examination of contemporary examples of GIS, influences on public health, space-time mapping components, and the future of this discipline supported by Big Data. The evolution of medical GIS from early disease maps to digital maps is a journey long in the making, and continues to evolve.

These maps have enabled us to gain insight about diseases ranging from cholera to cancer, all while increasing the knowledge of worldwide health issues. As modern technology continues to thrive, medical GIS will remain a lasting approach for understanding populations and the world we live in.

Medical GIS has its foundation in medical geography, which, can be found in the literature of several ancient civilizations, including China, Greece, and India, with perhaps the earliest coming from the work of the first physician, Hippocrates in the 5th Century BCE, who was among the first to observe the relationships between human health and the environment.

The term medical geography has its origins among French physicians in the 18th century 1 with the advent of modern the-matic mapping, and the first disease map created by German physician Leonhard Ludwig Finke in2 which became an important tool for understanding the incidence and spread of infectious diseases, as well as identifying associations between disease and spatially-distributed environmental conditions.

Many early examples of medical cartography focused on the English cholera epidemic, which began in and spanned several decades. Robert Baker mapped the cholera incidence in Leeds, England during the first wave of the epidemic and used the map to identify higher incidence rates among the more densely populated parts of the city and among areas that lacked proper sanitation.

Thomas Shapter published a dot density map of 1, deaths from cholera in Exeter that occurred between andusing different symbols for deaths occurring in different years. Perhaps the most famous exemplar of early medical geography was Dr. John Snow, considered to be the father of modern epidemiology, who demonstrated the water-borne origin of cholera by plotting cholera-related deaths in London during the most severe epidemic on maps.

Removing the pump led to the almost immediate end to new cases in the area, proving that drinking water from this pump was an important causative agent in the epidemic.The present study aimed at analysing the monthly variation in penis length PL during the reproductive cycle of the purple dye murex Bolinus brandaris. Penis-bearing individuals were measured for shell length SL and PL, and two bio-physiological indices were calculated for both sexes, the general condition index K and the gonadosomatic index GSI.

PL presented monthly variation in both sexes, but while female PL showed small and random oscillation, male PL exhibited significant variation throughout the reproductive cycle as evidenced by the similar and synchronous trends between male PL and GSI.

Men in Danger hormones

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Abidli, S. Trigui El Menif, Imposex and genital tract malformations in Hexaplex trunculus and Bolinus brandaris collected in the Gulf of Tunis. Bulletin of Marine Science 11— Google Scholar.

new implications in the use of imposex as a suitable tool for

Trigui El Menif, in press. Imposex and butyltin concentrations in Bolinus brandaris Gastropoda: Muricidae from the northern Tunisian coast. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Barash, Al. Zenziper, Egg masses of Mollusca from Mediterranean waters of Israel and notes on reproduction of the freshwater species Theodoxus jordani and Melanoides tuberculata.

The Veliger — Barroso, C. Moreira, Reproductive cycle of Nassarius reticulatus in the Ria de Aveiro, Portugal: implications for imposex studies. Growth, reproductive cycle and penis shedding of Littorina littorea in the Ria de Aveiro north-west Portugal. Berry, A. Some factors affecting the distribution of Littorina saxatilis Olivi.All sequence data is available either in the supporting information predicted protein sequence or available from GenBank sequenced fragments: Accession numbers: JZJZ Nuclear receptors NRs are transcription regulators involved in an array of diverse physiological functions including key roles in endocrine and metabolic function.

new implications in the use of imposex as a suitable tool for

The aim of this study was to identify nuclear receptors in the fully sequenced genome of the gastropod snail, Biomphalaria glabrataintermediate host for Schistosoma mansoni and compare these to known vertebrate NRs, with a view to assessing the snail's potential as a invertebrate model organism for endocrine function, both as a prospective new test organism and to elucidate the fundamental genetic and mechanistic causes of disease.

For comparative purposes, the genome of a second gastropod, the owl limpet, Lottia gigantea was also investigated for nuclear receptors.

Use of GIS Mapping as a Public Health Tool—From Cholera to Cancer

Thirty-nine and thirty-three putative NRs were identified from the B. Nuclear receptor transcript expression was confirmed and sequences were subjected to a comparative phylogenetic analysis, which demonstrated that these molluscs have representatives of all the major NR subfamilies Many of the identified NRs are conserved between vertebrates and invertebrates, however differences exist, most notably, the absence of receptors of Group 3C, which includes some of the vertebrate endocrine hormone targets.

The identification of many shared receptors between humans and molluscs indicates the potential for molluscs as model organisms; however the absence of several steroid hormone receptors indicates snail endocrine systems are fundamentally different. The tropical freshwater snail Biomphalaria glabrata is an intermediate host for several digenean trematode parasitic worms, including Schistosoma mansonithe causative agent of human intestinal schistosomiasis.

Human schistosomiasis is the most widespread trematode infection affecting around million people, leading to a chronic debilitating disease and up todeaths per year, across 75 developing countries [ 1 ]. Due to its medical significance as an intermediate host, B. Tools have been developed for investigating genomic and transcriptomic attributes of this species, including a BAC library for genome sequencing [ 5 ]; a 5K cDNA microarray [ 6 ]; a 1.

This background of research has culminated in the sequencing the B. The progress made in developing these resources has also provided the potential for the snail to become a new model organism for other purposes, including testing and identification of endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCs and for understanding fundamental biology, including endocrinology. Endocrine and metabolic disease are among the most common contemporary human afflictions, the prevalence of which has been well defined in large population-based studies for example, [ 1112 ].

Some of the causes of these are not immediately obvious, but may be related to increasing exposure to EDCs [ 13 ]. As a consequence, not only is more testing of potential EDCs needed, but a better understanding of endocrine function and disruption is also required. As NRs play key roles in endocrine and metabolic functions [ 16 ], cross-species comparative studies of the conservation of these genes within invertebrate genomes may identify new model systems for the testing of chemicals with endocrine disrupting potential without using vertebrates.

In addition to this, B. Therefore a better knowledge of normal endocrine function in molluscs will enable us to understand the full impact of EDCs in the environment, where they have been shown to affect both vertebrate and invertebrate species [ 18 ].

new implications in the use of imposex as a suitable tool for

One class of transcription factor involved in regulating endocrine function in vertebrates are the nuclear receptors NRs. NRs regulate and coordinate multiple processes by integrating internal and external signals, thereby maintaining homeostasis reviewed in [ 1619 ] These proteins exhibit strong similarities in their mode of action due to their conserved molecular structure, which includes a DNA-binding domain DBDconsisting of two Cys4 zinc fingers, and the ligand-binding domain LBDwhich not only controls signalling by binding small lipophilic molecules, called ligands, but also binds co-activators and co-repressors [ 20 ].

Biochemical studies and crystal structure of the LBD reveal that ligand binding triggers a conformational change, causing bound co-repressors to be displaced by co-activators, leading to gene expression [ 22 ]. NRs are classified into six distinct families by sequence homology using a phylogenetic approach [ 23 ].I am already one step further. I searched for something and then found what I was looking for. I tried to use the HPBQ Unfortunately, this did not work. I then searched for newer versions and found.

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