Hapkido useless

Aikido comes from the same martial lineage as judo and jujitsu. It emphasizes blending with attacks rather than countering force with force, and utilizes throws, joint locks, and pins. Although many techniques include softening strikes atemithe goal of aikido is to neutralize aggression swiftly without undue harm to the attacker. Aikidoka also practice strikes, parries, and disarms with wooden weapons: sword bokkenstaff joand knife tanto.

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Hapkido Useless

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COMBAT HAPKIDO: Eclectic Martial Art

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Sep 25, 26, Oct 9, 5, 20 Start with boxing. Mar 8, 8, 64 Before u troll saying that I know nothing about aikido, I have a level 4 4 kyu in aikido and I've been doing it for 5 years. I've realized that nobody is going to do katatemochi or shomenuchi in a fistfight If u who know what I'm talking about. But in it's purest form, it only teaches harmony and peace, which is equally if not more important than winning in fistfights.

If combined with something else like mui thai idk how to spell it then it has the potential to be deadly. Here's where I'm going to get controversial The problem is that very few train Aikido "in it's purest form". Most ppl are training in a dogma propagated by their lineage's and their teacher's conceptual understanding of what Aikido should be and how it should "look". And that dogma is based upon some assumptions as to what an attacker will do in a confrontation.

Many times those assumptions are based upon the belief that the form of the attack and response will happen as trained in the dojo.

Self defense: Hapkido? Combat Hapkido???

And because the student may never have experienced a real "fight", they will assume the form they practice is correct. That isn't a flaw in the art as much as it is in the school's or teacher's teaching and expression of the art. And, no No one is likely to attack with, say, a shomenuchi basically an exaggerated, overhead sword hand strike to the crown of the head as many train it in the dojo.

However, that exaggeration of movement is typically for training purposes and as skill level grows, the idea is to be able to deal with attacks from that angle not just that attack. And your are more likely going to see that angle when the attack is wielding a weapon like a club, stick, sword, etc. But it can be very intimidating for a student to face someone swinging a baseball bat or a sword, now isn't it?

The original techniques were designed to deal with a swordsman. The distancing, the Uke throwing commited attacks, the angles those attack take, etc.

So, yes A certain amount of modification to one's approach and technique is needed when dealing with say A boxer. In other words, a good punch to the nose can allow the Aikidoka the time and opportunity to apply that control or throwing technique he practices in the dojo. To address these points for today's world, you can cross train in another method OR you can learn to look beyond the form of any art and learn to see and address the relationship of you and your "attacker" as it is.

O'Sensei had reached point where he understood the later option. I'm not that good, so I'm pursuing the first option until I "get" the later one. Not everyone says that as OC has proven that false and I second him. No it's not useless on it's own. For self-defense it is not useless on it's own. Aikido does not stem from the Samurai.Log in or Sign up.

hapkido useless

Martial Arts Planet. Why is Karate useless? Hi, Saw a long article on the uselessness of Karate for sports combat or self defence and I asked myself why it was so.

I think the answer is quite simple, the rules have changed. Karate was obviously not useless when it was devised otherwise no one would have invented it. This is equally true of any of the traditional training practices e.

hapkido useless

But the circumstances under which combat happened changed and while Karate did change somewhat, clearly not enough. Now to a lot of people this is heresy. Human beings have two arms and two legs and therefore have to have fought in the same way from the beginning of time. But things do change and some of us are old enough to remember the changes. The fights were all unarmed and while they were 'dirty' in the sense that things like hairpulling, headbutts and kicks were allowed, these techniques were a perceived to be 'dirty' and b you weren't allowed certain moves such as groin kicks as a matter of honour.

Nowadays, the hardest nut in the district a different person from the previous individual thinks nothing of getting together 6 of his mates to take on 1 person perferably with the aid of objects of sharp or blunt trauma. Notice that the changes weren't in the environment so much as in the attitudes of the people who got involved in fighting. There were 'rules' in the street fighting of two decades ago but somewhere along the line those rules got dropped and the combat requirements changed enormously as a result.

To beat a gang, you need your own gang or some heavy weaponry fortunately we haven't got that far yet. Obviously if the environment changes and it has changed a lot in the past years this would make even more of a difference.

So why do MMA do so well? The assumption is that because the trad. Karateka would get his tush whomped in the ring, he is bad at self defence while the average BJJ guy wins and therefore must be good at self defence.

But this ignores the fact that the rules are massively in favour of the MMA and we are talking about the ring not the street. If he or she was reduced to fighting according to modern Karate rules then they would look less tough and undefeatable.

Most Karate haven't trained to their rules ergo their chances of winning are less than zero.

hapkido useless

Unfortunately, modern day self defence circumstances don't favour MMA any more than they do trad. This is because MMA shares some similarities with trad.Got questions? Check out the FAQ first! Please don't submit links to individual schools or products; this is not a venue for advertising a school or product.

Announcing upcoming tournaments is also permitted. Korean Martial Arts on KarateForum. Is Taekwondo useless in a real street fight? My older brother asked me this and in all honesty I didnt know what to say as I dont train Taekwondo for self defence reasons.

Im not sure I have really learnt defensive skills for a street fight situation, Id probably just pull their hair and bite. Taekwondo as a sport - that is, the skill of landing a kick on your opponents chest or head, probably has minimal value in a street fight.

Most of the time a high, risky kick like that will just hand your opponent a handle to wheelbarrow you around. Taekwondo as a martial art though. That's a different thing. Your training will come with a whole lot of things that would be useful. Strength building. More than a few valuable self defence techniques. And hopefully an understanding of when to fight only as a last resort and when to comply or run.

A good class will teach sport TKD as well as a whole range of other techniques that may have little or nothing to do with the sport side of things.

My first teacher spent 1 class in 2 teaching pure self-defence. That included techniques from boxing, wrestling and BJJ. Other clubs concentrate purely on the sports side of things and turn out some world class athletes. Anecdotal tale. My first teacher got into a fight one day while riding his bicycle.

He's a 4th dan. Very fit. Has represented his country in TKD more than once. Ex military too. When a driver forced him off the road and pulled over, he probably though "This will be over quickly". The driver probably thought the same. That driver turned out to be a stand-over man for one of the local bikie gangs.

An experienced street fighter. A massively muscled and heavy guy. The fight went nowhere. The driver quickly gassed out and left. My teacher was outweighed by a large margin and said that the driver hit like a tank. It ended with a split scalp for my teacher and the driver just left later arrested and charged. Good martial skills will never guarantee you a 'win'.

Edit: News article on the above. Thank you for writing this, but this has gotten me depressed. I just came back from training and my instructor commented I looked "tired today" i. I had been in depression for years and my tkd lesson some months ago was my first step out.When taekwondo master Rondy McKee gives a keynote speech, it's standing room only. Her tips on marketing and advertising are worth their weight in gold. Consider this update Black Belt received right before going to press:.

I provide different services specific to the needs of the particular school or organization. One of the issues I worked on this morning in Germany was that many martial arts schools there can't get into public schools, so what can they do? I provided them with details and materials outlining how I overcame that same problem at my school in North Carolina.

It's a strategy that would make Bruce Lee proud. Attesting to the depth of her knowledge, she recently conducted a clinic on how to build your own building using her school as an example. History: Seventeen years ago, McKee created one of the largest and most successful schools in the world. It is an immaculate 24,square-foot structure with a koi pond in the sitting area, situated on 3.

McKee's journey to Germany wasn't the only update she had. We downsized to a smaller school I'd built a few years ago. My husband and I are moving to an exotic beach in Mexico. We decided that if my senior students can run the school, I can oversee them and run my marketing business on the internet. So why couldn't I do all that while sitting on a beach? McKee's new home is an old resort that resembles a castle perched atop a mountain surrounded by jungle, and it's accessible only by boat.

She aptly dubbed her new digs "The Jungle House. I don't think anybody ever regrets enjoying life early, but you will regret it if you don't enjoy life until it's too late. Despite her apparent emphasis on running the business she built, the martial arts don't get short shrift under McKee. Her taekwondo students are certified through Kukkiwon, South Korea's headquarters for the art.

And her hapkido students are recognized by the Korea Hapkido Federation, the nation's most respected organization for the style. If you're wondering how she crafted those Korean connections, know that she used to live in the East Asian nation, where she taught English while studying martial arts.

A few months from now when she isn't chasing pumas off her deck, you'll be likely to find McKee sprucing up the place in between teaching beach-view classes, all while overseeing her school and her clients on her laptop — and watching the sun set on a perfectly executed exit plan. As of today, that exit plan includes being named Black Belt's Woman of the Year. On the East Coast and West Coast, schools had been emerging and multiplying since the mids, but those of us who lived in "flyover country" had few opportunities to broaden our understanding of arts like karate, kung fu, judo and taekwondo.

At Union University in my hometown of Jackson, Tennessee, I'd been fortunate to train from to in the then little-known art of hapkido. Suh organized and taught the system to a small group of dedicated students. Suh ran a no-nonsense traditional class, and for 10 months, we couldn't get enough of his instruction.Great question. Are they all? No way. Yep, the situation is key. The teacher makes a huge difference! Of course, the fact that most fights go to the ground is not a strength of this style.

In other words, the karate based martial arts types are highly limited in their takedown defense instruction and grappling, so practitioners need to keep some level of distance in an altercation. On the flip side, since karate is a striking style that focuses on incapacitating strikes, it can be used against multiple attackers with a level of confidence. Also, street combat can often mean the use of weapons or dealing with them.

The karate based styles do tend to teach practitioners how to both use weapons and defend against them. Finally, the sheer amount of karate styles make it hard to talk about the generalities of instruction.

For example, some schools may do full contact, which arguably readies a practitioner more for street combat, than let's say a school that does this more infrequently. Kyokushin karatefor example, is a full contact art.

Why is Karate useless?

And as will be said multiple times throughout this article, the instructor makes just as much of a difference as the style in terms of self defense applicability. This is especially true when going up against more than one opponent, as grappling would leave one in a very tough position. One also wants to inflict damage and not be hurt; taking chances isn't always a good thing.

Some of the Korean striking styles like Taekwondo and Tang Soo Do, both of which are kick heavy, teach practitioners to do just these things. Further, they teach very powerful strikes designed to incapacitate. Beyond the kicks, which let's face it are stronger than punches, are strikes that hit vital organs with the hands. That said, if we believe the old adage that most fights end up on the ground, than the kicking based styles have a significant weakness.

Further, such styles are great from a distance, but in close, though they certainly teach the use of punches, etc. So the strength in self defense via the kicking styles can be found in being able to keep a good distance from one's opponent. I have also come to realize that the kicking styles are not like Krav Maga, for example, which teaches how to survive in the street from day one.

In other words, in order to be able to use such instruction in the street, one must be very, very good. But when one is, the kicking styles are difficult to deal with because they are so athletic, powerful, and uncustomary. In addition, since the kicking styles primarily involve standing up with an opponent, they are more applicable in a self defense situation against multiple attackers than let's say a grappling based art.

You do not want to go to the ground when faced with multiple opponents. They also teach the both the use of weapons as well as defense against them. And finally, yes, Tang Soo Do usually uses their hands a bit more than Taekwondo does, but that's not what this article is about. And remember, the teacher, as much as if not more than the style, is key.

First, kung fu is primarily about striking. Thus, the majority of styles within this realm teach incapacitating strikes to vital areas. This is a good thing in a self defense situations, as speed is key.

Isn't aikido kind of useless in a fistfight?

What's more, kung fu does teach a lot about distance control and moving in and out of harm's way effectively, which limits the damage that can be done to YOU, the practitioner. Striking tends to be diverse; lots of kicks and punches, including unorthodox ones. In terms of grappling, most of the kung fu substyles tend to be meager in their teachings.

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