1949 dodge truck engine

Thermostat deg. Rear Fender Right brace passenger side Qty. Rear Fiberglass fender Left side Dodge trucks. Cab seal kit 5 window No vent windows with quarter glass.

1949 Dodge Pickup for Sale

Motor mount bolt complete with large washer and crown nut drilled for cotter pin. Front axle knuckle seal kit for the Power wagons.

Interior Clips door panel and interior panels 1 qty.

1949 dodge truck engine

This is the lock pin that hold on the door and window riser handles on. Window channel for door glass 1qty. Inside door handle Qty. We have been collecting Dodge and Plymouth trucks and parts for many years. We could possibly help you with other years also. We also recondition parts such as gas tanks, speedometers, gauges, stainless trim, etc.

In our used parts department we describe the parts to the best of our abilities and will be happy to send pictures upon request. In our reproduction department we strive to carry the highest quality parts. If you are unsatisfied with your parts, let us know within 14 days for a full refund or exchange. If you do not see what you are looking for on this site, feel free to call or e-mail with any requests, as our inventory changes daily.

1949 dodge truck engine

For reasons beyond our control, prices and availability are subject to change. Store Email: dodgecentralmi gmail. Social Media: dcmclassics1 gmail. Shipping Department: dcmclassicsshipdept gmail. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions About us. Tags Dodge Truck Parts Body New arrivals Popular Best Sellers. C Thermostat deg. Add to cart More. E Motor mount bolt Motor mount bolt complete with large washer and crown nut drilled for cotter pin.

I - Interior Clips door panel - each Interior Clips door panel and interior panels 1 qty. I Door and window handle lock pins This is the lock pin that hold on the door and window riser handles on.

I - Inside door handle Inside door handle Qty. RW - Door Window sweepers does both Need Assitance? Call us at or send us a message. Prompt Service We strive to get you the parts you need in a timely manner.Try it free for 14 days. View Full Image. Truck Trend Magazine features. Sanchez —. At their core, no matter how many high-tech bells and whistles are added, pickup trucks are work vehicles. Initial power ratings were a modest 50 hp for the most common ci version, but enhancements over the years brought output up to 80 hp.

A larger ci version was offered in commercial models, with a slightly higher torque output. The small block itself dates back towhen it was cubic inches. Saddled with a far-outdated truck design compared to Ford and General Motors at the time, Chrysler knew it needed a standout feature that would get buyers to notice its trucks. It was an instant hit with truck owners who routinely towed, and Ram continues to offers Cummins inline-six engines in its HD trucks to this day.

But General Motors deserves equal credit for creating an engine that has also garnered a significant and loyal following among diesel performance enthusiasts. Its output of hp and lb-ft of torque also set a high-water mark for diesel engines at the time and quickly escalated the diesel power and torque race in the HD truck market. The current LML Duramax, which shares the same displacement as the original LB7, now produces hp and lb-ft of torque.

However, one of the most sought-after Duramax engines is the LBZ, which was offered just before the imposition of the strict federal diesel emissions standards. First introduced inthe engine continued to be offered in the F-Series trucks for more than 30 years, delivering reliable, economical, torquey performance to truck owners. Output of the final port-fuel-injected evolution of thewhich was offered untilwas hp and lb-ft of torque.

A version of this engine is still used in some UPS trucks. The truck models used the RB-spec engine. The formula was simple -- the biggest engine in the smallest truck. Output figures were modest by contemporary standards, with hp and lb-ft of torque, but it was the most powerful gasoline engine among domestic trucks by a significant margin when it debuted. The successor 6. The result was the 6. The clean-sheet design had many unique design features, including reverse-flow heads outboard intake, inboard exhaust and a twin-scroll turbo compressor, theoretically giving the function of two turbos in a single unit.

Producing hp and lb-ft when it debuted, a software reflash to later models and also offered to current owners boosted output to hp and lb-ft. A significant update came inwith the unique turbo being replaced with a larger, more conventional single turbo and further refinements in the fuel delivery system and engine management, resulting in an exceptionally quiet and powerful engine producing hp and lb-ft of torque.

Although not powerful in an absolute sense, its undersquare bore and stroke ratio gave it strong low-rpm torque characteristics, making it ideally suited for truck and commercial applications. All slant-six engines came from the factory with just a one-barrel carburetor, but two-barrel performance aftermarket units were offered for those looking for more power. Unlike most contemporary inline-six engines which have seven main bearings, the slant six had only four, but the bearing dimensions were close to those of the much more powerful Hemi V-8, so bottom-end strength was rarely an issue.

The continued to serve in the truck lineup untilwhen it was replaced with the 3.

1949 Dodge Parts

Tracing its ancestry as far back asthe 22RE as we know it today got its start in with the carbureted 22R in Fuel injection was added inraising output slightly. A major update in included a switch to a single-row timing chain and a new block, cylinder head, and piston design. The only major issue with this engine was the stretching of the timing chain on higher-mileage engines, which can damage the factory plastic chain guide and cause drivability issues.

Replacement steel chain guide kits are readily available to remedy this issue for a reasonable cost. When it was introduced inthe engine produced hp and lb-ft of torque. An update in raised output to hp and lb-ft of torque. Aftermarket tuners have been able to extract considerably more power than that out of these engines.

A detuned version of this engine was used in the Harley-Davidson edition F, where it produced hp and lb-ft. The hp supercharged V-8 used in the Ford GT supercar is also related to this engine, with the key difference being its four-valve, DOHC cylinder heads.

The Lightning was the talk of the town of the pickup world until the emergence of the Ram SRT10 in with its hp 8.By Your pendjoAugust 17, in Technical Archives. Has anyone replaced the rearend and motor in a Dodge B1B truck? I would like to keep the frame. The rearend is 4.

1949 Dodge Half-Ton Pickup Technical Specifications and Dimensions

Will a plymouth car fit the truck? Plymouths are A models so I am not sure. I have all the measurements if someone needs them to compare. You can run a V8 in front of a 40s rear end but you might have some durability issues. Been there, broke that built in a friend's 49 biz coupe. Been out of print for awhile, happy hunting. Even the rear axle is a straight swap, think the donor car is a Mirada. And nets you leather bucket seats to boot.

Haven't seen my copy in years, fell apart, put in 3-ring binders a couple moves ago one cross country. I found the book on amazon. However when it came to replacing in the truck it said it used one from a Chrysler. Great book just not the answer I was looking for. Will the rear end from a 53 Plymouth? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

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Restored 1949 Dodge Pickup - Ageless Iron - Successful Farming

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Terms of Use. Technical Archives Search In.If the numbers on the engine in a Power-Wagon do not match the numbers on the Power-Wagon Engine Page then the engine may have been replaced, and the list below may help determine what the engine came from.

Most of the numbers were collected from parts books, and other Factory literature, but have not been verified by actual cars and trucks in the field. This means that it is possible that some of the data below, while correct according to the parts books, may not match the practice followed on the assembly line. The location of the engine number is basically the same on all 23" and 25" long Flathead six engines, on a raised pad, on the drivers side of the engine, about 4" back from the front of the block, just below the head.

I hope to update this page from time to time as more information becomes available. I am also very interested in suggestions for additional content to include on this page. Please contact the Registry maintainers at the below email address if you have any suggestions or questions.

Flathead Six Engine Numbers. Click for larger image. The pad on a is a little different in shape, below is an image of a WM engine number. This number is still in the same basic location as the one on the Some Flathead 6 engines have the number stamped on the top of the raised pad, as seen in the images below.

The two pictures below are of a T, cu in Flathead 6 engine that has a length of 30". The serial number on these engines is located just below the head but a little further back from the front of the engine. The lists at the below links are all the Engineering codes for each model of Dodge truck, Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge, and Plymouth car that could be found at the time this lists were made.

The Engineering code is normally the code that is used as the beginning of the engine number on these vehicles. Most of these codes will be followed by a sequential number that would help calculate when the engine was made if a list of starting numbers was available.

These codes are in order by first letter, and then numeric order, not by year, or type of vehicle.

1949 dodge truck engine

Click on the appropriate link below to find information about the engine number you are trying to look up.

Engines that have an engine number that starts with the letter T are from some model of Dodge Truck. Engines that have an engine number that starts with the letter D are from some model of Dodge Car.I've been watching these trucks on eBay for several months.

You can get a really nice truck for a reasonable amount. Here's how a couple recnet auctions went:. I just bought the truck and can't find the right filter. Tell us more about the truck.

Any pictures? Thanks I've already tried those from the store and the O-Rings don't fit. The truck came with a Fram ca filter but no one carries that anymore apparently. No pics yet but it's in really good shape, all original except for the 12 volt conversion. I also need an original seat and the door mirror s It has a seat now from a chevy but am looking for the oem. Have you checked out dodgepilothouseclub. They have some good info. Go to page Notice someone penciled in " Fram. Good luck. Hey guys im new here but I have amotor running and three speed transmission working for sale or trade if anyone's interested.

I have a 48 D2E built in Windsor Ontario and am looking for any info about it. What is the difference between B-1 and D-2 series?

The number designates year and the third digit indicates tonnage. No idea on the D2E but a B2D would be a 1 ton truck. Maybe some else will chime in. I think it has the cid engine. Darn hard working truck. What I need to know is where to get parts and what pto would fit the 4 spd trans.

I am not into making it original. Just want the most easily operated unit. Does anyone have a good part for a timing chain set for a B3C? The an are suppose to be the same. Does anyone know were to get a rear drum brake? I'm helping my cousin with his 52 BB and we snapped a wheel stud, when we went to a parts store they suggested to press off the one that broke and bring it in so they could take a look at it and try to find us a replacement.Truck vehicle numbers we think of them as VIN's, though they weren't called that during this time period are located on a metal plate on the left side door post.

If that is missing the number should also be repeated on the frame near the front spring hanger as shown below in the cleaned area. Sometimes this has been difficult to locate as it may be further back on the frame and may be faint.

The vehicle number is the serial number for the truck and can be useful for vehicle registration as well as determing the type of truck and location of build.

Serial numbers are listed at the bottom of this page. The model number will be in the form as seen on the identification plate above. An analysis of this number follows:. B-Series: The B-series trucks were made from - They are also known as pilot-house trucks because of their distinctively new cab design. There are no "A-Series" trucks. Trucks built before are classified with model types such as TC, TD, WC and VC and as "job-rated" although the job-rated nomenclature continues to be used by Dodge even today.

After the "C-Series" trucks were made from throughand continued on with the "Power-Giant" series til The B-Series for trucks should not be confused with Dodge's B-series of cars that were made in the 70's. You will find dodge truck brochures for many of these models in the Pilot's Knowledge section. Pictures of many of these trucks will be found in the Dodge Gallery.

Version: B- 1, 2, 3, 4 : Four major version changes of the Dodge B-series trucks were made. Model: B : The third set of digits gives us the model truck type. This is divided into major chassis classifications of: Light-dutyMedium and Heavy-dutyand School Bus. Return to Pilot's Knowledge page Deciphering your - Dodge truck code: Truck vehicle numbers we think of them as VIN's, though they weren't called that during this time period are located on a metal plate on the left side door post.

An analysis of this number follows: B-Series: The B-series trucks were made from - Model Years Produced Total - all trucks in series manufactured BOn Sale. Garage Sale. Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Classic Truck. You've Selected:. Clear All. Select Your Vehicle. See More Filters.

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1949 dodge truck engine

Headers and Exhaust Manifolds. Engine Mounts and Adapters. Electronic Fuel Injection. Wiring Harness and Components. Wet Sump Oil System. Air Intake. Dry Sump Oil System. Engine Service. Accessory Drive. Voltage Regulators and Components. Data Acquisition.

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